The Standard.

This will help with the understanding of what we do and why it is so important. These are the factors of processing E-waste that matter to the environment. Tracked to the ‘end of life’ is a term that we ensure when handling FOCUS materials  like circuit boards and internal components of desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones to name a few. erecycling-logo


One word : Iphone


PC Sales Drop to Historic Lows


Well, I am not surprised at this one either. The fact is I for one can’t seem to find an iPhone that keeps itself protected from my clumsy excessive force… Over the years I have had one in my coffee, one in my toilet, one in the bottom of a river, washed up by a wave, 3 cracked screens, and plenty of software issues possibly due to the cheap wasteful charging chords sold at the local flea market.

But we have become reliant on using Siri and Google and our Love for the App Store!!
If I can manage to afford the latest and best, I will follow my habit to the next IPhone.

And that was last decade…


Imagine what has been produced within the past 8 years or so of more Electronic Waste. The benefits of recycling are underestimated. Not only plastics, paper, and glass need to be reduced and recycled. If we are consuming greater amounts of electronics then we need to dispose of these items in the safest way. We promote E-cycling for our business and you should consider being a part of this great cause!
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Did you know?


Did you know that there is a STANDARD of excellence in the electronics recycling industry that is not easy to obtain, and therefore; very few recyclers carry this certification?

We are undergoing our second stage of the auditing process here at Infinite Electronics Recycling, LLC in Deland Florida.

Possessing this certification will ensure that the products that we purchase and sell are fully accounted for until the ‘end of life’ for that product.
We are fortunate to have a team of very accomplished department managers, who are most knowledgeable in our field. From rebuilding to DE manufacturing in our ware house.
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how-the-grinch-stole-christmasThe consumer waste of the Holidays increases by 25% compared to the rest of the year.
Let your mind ‘wrap’ around that. I say it every year,
‘I will be minimal this year’
I actually bought plain white wrapping paper, (very modern) I can use it for any holiday and just ornament it with a repurposed ribbon, string, sticker, etc…
We can buy a new tables’ worth of décor from World Markets. Or we can tend our garden with what we have. Think of this as a unique way to distinguish yourself as a creator, an inventor of useful inventory.
Having one of something is better than having so many of one thing.

The importance of recycling electronics

While you are reading this online you are on an electronic device.
Smart Phone
Smart TV
These are the latest of the times. BUT, not long ago…Screen-Shot-2012-09-10-at-13_29_41
Palm Pilot
Digital Screens
Interactive Educational Materials

Our generations  of retiring electronics is on its third cycle since the early 90’s. All of those old computers and components have been headed to landfills and filling them up, not creating a safe environment for our future legacy.
Let’s fix this.